Unlocking Potential: The BBFS Residential Experience

Gretchen D. Barretto
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June 13, 2024

When it comes to sports training, nurturing young talent requires more than just skill development; it demands an overall approach that includes education, training, and personal growth. It involves combining top-notch football training with full-time academics. Easier said than done, right? At BBFS, we make it possible.

By combining intensive football training with full-time academics, BBFS offers young athletes a unique opportunity to pursue their passion without compromising their academics.  In one of our current episodes of the Sporting Spree series, we talk about the residential program at BBFS, with none other than Divya Kurian, the Head of Residential Academies at Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools, and our charming host, Shruti.

The Genesis

Until 2018, BBFS had non-residential programs where the children came to the academy to train post-school hours or over the weekend, after which they’d head back home. As parents observed the positive influence of these programs on their children’s development, the demand grew for opportunities where kids could pursue football seriously alongside receiving a quality education. 

In response to this and the mission to cultivate elite players, BBFS launched its first residential academy in Delhi in 2018. The program was designed as an integrated solution, offering elite football training alongside a comprehensive academic curriculum.

A Day in the Life of a Player

The kids start their day with morning activities, followed by breakfast and school. After classes, they have prep time and then on-field training, lasting about an hour and a half. Post-training, there’s another snack, evening prep, and an hour to plan for the next day. Training sessions occur throughout the day, including both on-field and off-field activities, spread across six days a week, with one rest day. This schedule offers a glimpse into the balanced routine of academics and sports at the academy.

Holistic Football Training:

Situated within a self-sufficient campus, the residential program provides full-time education, football training, hostel facilities, and post-school remedial classes. It offers access to various tournaments, from school-level to national competitions- basically providing invaluable competitive exposure. 

Unlike non-residential programs, where scheduling constraints limit match participation, students in the residential setup often play 25 to 35 matches annually, fostering a culture of teamwork and resilience. Sometimes, these matches aren’t all competitive but cognitive and friendly matches. Again, this isn’t something that a child in a non-residential program will have access to because of their schedule.

In a residential program like BBFS’, children have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves fully in their passion for football. Imagine a campus or hostel bustling with 70 to 80 kids, all solely dedicated to the sport. They eat, sleep, and breathe football, with no distractions from other activities or gadgets. Their daily routine is disciplined, with school hours from eight to two and dedicated time for academic remedial classes. After that, it’s all about football. The coaches and staff are constantly present, ensuring the players’ well-being and providing personalized attention. This level of care and focus is naturally bound to set BBFS’ residential program apart from non-residential setups.

Academic Excellence and Admission Process

BBFS believes in maintaining a healthy balance between academics and football. Children enrolled in the programs attend regular school from 8 AM to 2 PM or 3 PM. The difference lies in what happens after school: they focus solely on football. Instead of juggling multiple activities, students of BBFS dedicate 100% of their time to honing their skills on the field, followed by regular academic studies. 

This balanced approach is integral to the BBFS Residential Academy because it gives children an opportunity to excel in their chosen sport while maintaining academic progress.

BBFS also aids parents by providing comprehensive assistance throughout the school admission process. With five residential academies across the country, it offers parents a choice of locations and partnered schools. Once a decision is made, it guides them through the admission process, serving as their single point of contact for both the academy and school admissions.

With BBFS, parents can trust that their child’s academics and football development are in capable hands.

Personal Growth and Cultural Exchange:

The gates of BBFS welcomes children from across the country, bringing a mix of cultures and backgrounds to the campus. This exposure helps kids learn about different people and their ways of life, which, in turn, equips them to practise tolerance. 

In a system like this, when a child plays 35-40 matches in a year, they are bound to win some and lose some. This teaches kids the value of accepting failure and working together as a team to improve. Unlike in individual pursuits, they face challenges collectively, bonding over shared experiences. 

Living and learning alongside peers who share similar journeys is unique to BBFS. Unlike traditional setups, where experiences vary widely, here, everyone is on the same page, enriching each other’s growth.

Supportive Environment:

Central to the success of the program is the supportive environment provided by BBFS staff and coaches. With round-the-clock supervision and guidance, students receive personalized attention to their academic, athletic, and personal needs. 

This level of support ensures that each student can reach their full potential, both as an athlete and individual.

The residential football program at BBFS stands as a testament to the power of holistic youth development. It empowers young athletes to pursue their dreams while laying the foundation for a successful future. Through a combination of rigorous training, academic excellence, and personal growth, BBFS is shaping the next generation of football stars, both on and off the field.

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