All The Way Up: The Story of Kishan Rajpurohit

Gretchen D. Barretto
3 min read
June 6, 2024

When it comes to the development of youth sports, this young man stands out as one of the driving forces behind the success of Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools (BBFS) in Ahmedabad. World, meet Kishan Rajpurohit! His journey with BBFS began in 2018, shaping his path from a coach and coordinator to his current role as Business Manager. In a candid interview, Kishan opens up about his remarkable journey, the challenges faced during the pandemic, and his vision for the future.

Early Days and Entry into BBFS:

Kishan’s love for football began in 10th grade, where he formally trained for the same while making fitness his sole focus. He underwent trials with Sharp Shooters under Jamshed Chinoy and Nikhit Fernandes. However, after the course of 4 seasons, age restrictions emerged, limiting players above 18 from training. Holding on to his passion for the game, 21-year-old Kishan transitioned into an assistant coaching role under Nikhit.

In 2018, Nikhit Fernandes and his three partners forged a deal with BBFS co-founder Kishore Taid and COO Ankit Arora, bringing the organization to Ahmedabad. Recognizing the need for a point of contact for inquiries, Nikhit extended the opportunity to Kishan. His aspiration to foster grassroots football development perfectly aligned with this timely opening.

Embarking on his BBFS journey in 2018, Kishan started his role in operations at the organization’s initial center. After completing his graduation in 2019 with a degree in automobile engineering, and receiving enticing offers from Toyota and Mitsubishi, Kishan’s passion led him to seek a more hands-on career, desiring active participation over a desk job.

BBFS: A Culture of Inspiration:

For Kishan, the allure of BBFS lies in its culture and environment. “It’s the most inspiring thing for me here. It’s more about how we think, how we survive and less about the money. BBFS creates opportunities to meet people and to grow. It makes us question what we want from life, so we can then go after it.”  Kishan expresses why he finds joy in working with his young and passionate team-”I like working with my team. Everyone is passionate about what they’re doing. It’s interactive. It’s not even like working, it’s fun to be here!  I look forward to going to the pitch, watching kids play, and checking in on how the coaches are doing.”

Evolution of Role and Key Learnings:

His ascent within BBFS began with obtaining a D license in ARA in 2019. Recognizing Kishan’s potential, Ankit Arora, the COO, approached him, leading him to assume dual responsibilities as a coach and coordinator. The challenges brought by COVID-19 pushed the boundaries of creativity with online sessions. “It was a good learning period for me”, he shares. In December of the same year, Kishan took charge as the Operation Head while continuing his coaching duties.

In November 2020, Kishan navigated a tough time for BBFS by initiating a center at Savvy Swaraj Club, marking the beginning of expansion. The center launched in November 2020, attracting 100 kids in three months. He was responsible for opening 3 more centers after that. Further underscoring the trust placed in his abilities, as of July 2023, Kishan was recently promoted to Business Manager. He now handles significant decisions. His role involves training four center heads to independently manage their centers, fostering growth and independent management. Kishan also closely collaborates with coaches. 

He confesses how his journey is a lesson in delegation and trust. From doing everything himself to empowering his team of 20, Kishan emphasizes the importance of collaborative support. 

With five years at BBFS in July, Kishan’s commitment stems from the strong bonds within his team and a desire to see Ahmedabad shine under BBFS’s influence. 

Life Beyond BBFS:

Kishan’s passion for the game extends beyond BBFS; our champ continues to represent Suryavanshi FC in the senior division state league. The flexible work environment at BBFS allows him to balance professional commitments with his personal time. “It gives me room to spend time with my family. And I love that- we (my folks) love that!”

As Kishan celebrates his fifth year at BBFS in July, he extends an invitation to those considering joining the team. “Join our team! It’ll be a good learning experience for you, and us.”

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