enJogo - the football learning app

enJogo - The Sports Learning App

We are India’s first full-stack sports learning platform, providing seamless online/offline sports training for 5 to 50-year olds.

Why Chose Us

Designed to build a fit dynamic resilient nation

Two out of three Indian children are physically unfit. That’s because they aren’t playing enough. enJogo’s vision is to build a fit, dynamic and resilient nation by making sports more fun and accessible to all.

  • Helping 1M+ kids to play a sport

  • Developing the physical, mental and social aspects

  • Connecting like-minded folks across the world


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Train Online

Our online content and workouts help you to develop your skills, fitness and knowledge of the game anytime and anywhere.

Train On The Field

Find and join the nearest academy and get instant feedback on each of your onfield training sessions - in the palm of your hand.

Get Rewarded

enJogo records every activity in your sporting journey and rewards you with enJogo Skill Points (eSP).

Track Progress

Get a 100% transparent summary of your curriculum and progress so you know which areas to work upon.

Compete And Compare

Join a 15k+ strong community and play in the enJogo Leagues. Get promoted or relegated every week, based on your efforts.

Manage Subscription

Manage your subscription plans seamlessly with instant updates and a variety of payment options.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can an app help me learn a sport that is supposed to be played on a field with 11 players in each team?

A footballer needs to perform necessary skills under the pressure of a competitive match. However, to begin with, one should practice in an isolated environment before achieving the proficiency to perform under moderate pressure (on-field training) and full pressure (match). Additionally, isolated workouts can help achieve and maintain one's technical sharpness and physical fitness levels during pre-season, holidays or breaks. Finally, technology like enJogo can also be used to keep track of one’s progress along with friends.


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