Biju Nair: Spearheading the Future of Football in India

Gretchen D. Barretto
3 min read
November 20, 2023

In the heart of the field where dreams kick off, stands a tall man who has dedicated his time and energy towards crafting the future of Indian football with Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools(BBFS).

World, meet our Senior Technical Manager- Biju Nair! He leads the technical operations and fosters the growth of football talent in South India. Biju’s story is worth telling because his journey is a testament to passion, innovation, and a relentless commitment to the growth of young footballers in India.

Over the past three years, Biju has transitioned from managing coaches and partner clubs to embodying a role akin to a mentor, driving the operational leadership at BBFS.

Even before his time at BBFS, Biju stood committed to the field of sports education. With an MPhil in Physical Education and Sports Sciences, he spent 15 years leading sports departments in various schools, including a significant stint in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

His quest to make sports a part of education for student-athletes led him to initiate an after-school football training program for schools he worked at in Bangalore. 

“I realised PE wasn’t doing much for students who wanted to make sports a career. The time allocated to students for sports was limited and not enough. I wanted more than just PE.”, Biju confesses. He aimed to steer aspiring athletes to play in tournaments and grow beyond the constraints of routine physical education. 

Enter BBFS. 

It so happened that BBFS started their first centre at the school Biju worked in 2016. He was made a centre head for this project and helped BBFS get started. After a certain point, working in a school started becoming monotonous and he was looking for a change.

His passion for a more holistic sporting experience eventually led him to join BBFS in 2018. 

According to Biju, what sets BBFS apart from other academies is the people and unique work culture. When asked what his favourite thing about the academy is, he shed light on the sustainability and vision of the organisation over its 13-year journey. “BBFS’ self-reliance, and commitment to sports is very admirable”, he says. 

When questioned about what he enjoys most about working at BBFS, Biju fondly remarks, “After about 23 years, I still manage to have that connection with young athletes. I am still able to do what I love the most. We get along so well!”

Over the years Biju Nair’s role has evolved into that of a mentor and guide, overseeing the BBFS Arena in HAL, which is a critical centre for Bangalore football. His contributions extend to organising tournaments, hosting licence courses for coach education, and fostering the growth and development of the sport. He shares how his tenure at BBFS has been a learning curve, offering insights into the business management of sports and broadening his understanding of the field.

For aspiring candidates considering BBFS, Biju underscores the organisation’s commitment to a long-term growth in football. Their efforts towards a child’s holistic development, coupled with ample opportunities for coaches to grow through licences and experiences, forms a solid pathway for both young athletes and mentors.

Additionally, Biju co-owns Snipers FC, a football club in Bangalore that competes in the local leagues. This platform, caters to individuals aged 18 and above and primarily consists of players and coaches from BBFS, providing them an opportunity to participate in Bangalore leagues.

As the interview draws to a close, Mr Nair candidly admits to having forgotten the most significant detail of his story. He confides that his remarkable journey in football has been possible because of the unwavering support of his family despite the demanding nature of his schedule. “It’s because of them that I get to do what I do,” he confesses.

Biju’s story at BBFS is a testament to his commitment to shaping the future of football, one player and coach at a time.

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