Bayern Munich is one of the most successful football clubs in the world, with a history of winning titles and producing some of the best players in the sport. In recent years, the club has expanded its global reach by hosting summer camps in different parts of the world, including India, to identify and recruit young talent.

The Bayern Munich summer camp in India is run for weeks and held in different Indian cities. Participants are selected through a rigorous screening process that involves trials and assessments by the club’s reputed coaches and scouts. The selected athletes go for an exposure trip at FCB’s facilities and gain learning opportunities from the best minds in the game.

4 BBFS athletes receive call-ups for a camp at Bayern Munich

BBFS participated in the Maharashtra round and played under the name of Barnes School and Junior College; a BBFS Residential Academy in Nashik. Four of the twenty-seven selected for the final round were from BBFS.

Yuvraj Kadam, Nibash Singh, Adiya Singh, and Gowan Singh, all U-14, will train with Bayern Munich this May. Their exposure trip will include training with the age-group teams of FCB, playing competitive matches, and interacting with the senior players. Adding to it, the boys will also watch an FCB match live in the stadium.

Yuvraj feels that the trials were competitive, with skilled players everywhere.

“I am eager to attend the camp, and I am grateful for the opportunities that came my way thus far,” said Yuvraj.

He further added, “The environment and opportunities that BBFS provides played an imperative role, inculcating the significance of balance between studies and sport, as well as giving access to specialized coaches and facilities,”

Nibash, who is another student selected for the camp agreed. Nibash says, “I am ecstatic about my selection and can’t wait to see where I stand against players globally,”

Nibash feels that BBFS has enabled him to perform on a bigger stage, and the support from coaches catapulted his potential.

BBFS Residential Academy provides a holistic developmental pathway for youngsters like Yuvraj, Nibash, and the like. Through a rigorous program focusing on the physical, mental, social, technical, and tactical aspects of sports training, the residential academy model has also created an ecosystem of nurturing youngsters to become all-rounded adults.

If you are interested to know more about the program, contact us at 8448020010 or visit our website. The admissions for age groups 9-18 are in full swing for the academic year 2023-24, with limited seats available.

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