Welcome to the future of Indian badminton!

enJogo and Padukone Residential Academy have joined hands to create a first-of-its-kind residential academy (boarding school with badminton excellence) for aspiring student-athletes between the ages of 10-18.

Our training program is designed to develop the physical, mental, social, technical, and tactical aspects of a student-athlete and taught by the most experienced coaches in India and abroad.

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Padukone Residential Academy

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You’ve taken the first step to become a part of India’s largest residential badminton academy.

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Designed by champions, for champions!

“There is no education without sports. And the Padukone Residential Academy is best suited for individuals who want to excel in badminton while balancing academics.”

“There is no education without sports. And the Padukone Residential Academy is best suited for individuals who want to excel in badminton while balancing academics.”

Prakash Padukone,
Former World No. 1 Badminton Player,
Padma Shri & Arjuna Awardee

Take your passion for Badminton to the elite level

  • State of the art facilities with 24x7 guidance by resident coaches and faculty

  • Coaching curriculum designed and monitored by world renowned badminton players with a focus on holistic training and talent identification

  • Student-athletes receive assistance to participate in State, National and International tournaments.

  • More than 60 coaches across India, successfully coaching and training individuals of all ages.

Play. Learn. Master.

  • Professional Coaches

    Trained and handpicked by the best in the sport to bring out the best in you

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities

    A chance to be a part of the high-performance program at the elite Padukone Residential Academy

  • Peers and Competition

    Regular competitive exposure giving players the flexibility and access to learn and compete against talented players

  • Tailored Program

    Tried and tested programs tailored for every individual’s physical, mental, technical, tactical and social needs

  • Learning Progression

    A ‘roadmap-milestone-assessment-feedback’ loop charted for each player ensures progression and engagement

  • Workshops, Camps & Tournaments

    Interaction and access to experts in various fields, access to camps, exchange programs and tournaments across the globe

Script your pathway to becoming a pro shuttler

Padukone Non-Residential Academy

Neighbourhood training centres for boys and girls aged between 6-18 years

Padukone Residential Academy

State-of-the-art residential badminton academy focused on holistic development of student-athletes via the best badminton facilities

Badminton Association of India

Age-group national teams and the senior category team that represents India

Be part of India’s largestresidential Badminton program!

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I pick Padukone Residential Academy?

The curriculum at the residential academy emphasises the all-round development of the kids in academics and sports. It is imperative for talented student-athletes to pursue their training in a professional and focused environment.

Can I become a National level player under your training?

As a player enters our system, they grow from beginner to intermediate, till they reach the advanced level. Excellent players from there are assisted to take part in competitions and receive guidance from senior scouts through which they can represent the country. There are no limits to the level a player can reach under our systemic training methodology, it all depends on your hard work!

 How is the admission completed for the school?

The admissions team will assist and guide the parents with the process and documentation requirements.

How is the selection process done?

The opportunities are open for all who are keen to join and medically fit to pursue the sport

How to get enrolled in it as my kid is already playing professionally?

The program is open to beginners as well as professional and experienced players. The admission in this case can be done directly or by being scouted through our talent hunt program.

On what basis will the players be categorised under beginners and intermediate programs?

Upon the student's visit to the academy, the student will be required to go through an assessment test conducted by the coaches. Once the assessment is done, the scouts will then share a report with the parents recommending a particular category for the students based on their skill sets.

How much time do children get to train daily?

The average training time in a day ranges from 3 - 4 hrs keeping in mind the periodization, competition calendar and recovery. The sessions will be a mix of technical and tactical training programs equally supplemented by S&C training sessions and a qualitative diet program.

Will there be international competitions?

There will be international exposure tours for students to compete against players from other countries although the same will be on an invitation basis and won’t be compulsory and the fees for same are exclusive of the program fees

How do we as parents get to know about the child’s performance and progress?

The academy managers within the academy will ensure that there are quarterly PCMs to discuss the progress of each student athlete. Moreover, the parents can get on a call directly with the coaches to have an overview of their wards performance

How do I register for the program?

Once you decide to enroll, you can call us directly at 7838749749 or fill out the form shared on the website. Our admission counsellor will shortly get in touch with you

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