Nothing about football

Rounak Majumdar
2 min read
October 25, 2021

Every week, we bring to you a story related to football. But today is different. Today we want to talk about anything but football. About what our players do beyond the beautiful game.

Why? Because it is necessary to give them a balanced educational experience. Because experiences off the field play a huge role in shaping them as good humans. Of course, also in making them more complete footballers in the first place.

We encourage our student-athletes to take part in a wide range of activities throughout the year. Be it other sports, music, drama, quiz, yoga, or any new interest. 

The curriculum at BBFS is designed to fuel enthusiasm in student-athletes. Because our mentors believe that there’s no learning without enthusiasm. And every child must be encouraged to pursue their talent in an ideal environment.  

Speaking about the past two months, student-athletes went beyond their call of duty. Alongside their regular curriculum, students engaged in various events. It included school tournaments in basketball, kho-kho, cross-country runs, skits, and quizzes!

The participation in these activities happened mostly on weekends enabling them to acquire skills and find new interests. 

Learnings beyond four-walls

A cross country run, skit competition, and inter-house basketball were a part of the roster at Barnes School & Junior College, a BBFS Residential Academy in Nashik. 

“The cross-country run was a 7 kms track from Barnes School to Devlali Air Force camp. We had a 40-people group taking part and it was great fun. This is the first time since the pandemic began we had such an event” informed Mrigaank, a Class XIth student, who won the Cross Country event by covering the entire distance within 28 minutes.

Following the cross country run, a skit competition took place. The event was held between 16 schools. Each institute comprised six students and each member ideated a play and shared it as a five minute video. Our boys finished third in the competition. 

“Our topic was life outside space. I really enjoyed the process. It is difficult to imitate someone else and through the process I found a new liking. While taking part in the event, I learned about human psychology,” quoted Dylan, a class XIth student. 

Similar to Barnes, our boys at Vedas International School, Delhi participated in ‘Best out of Waste’ program, where students turned waste materials into innovative crafts. 

“Although I get physically exhausted after the rigorous week, I always look forward to these house games. It boosts my morale and helps me bond better with my friends,” quoted Divaditya Tiwari, a class XIIth student.

Alongside these events, student-athletes took part in inter-house athletics, quiz, and kho-kho tournaments. 

“I’ve always wanted to take part in every tournament and I always want to be the best. It’s the urge that I have to be the best that motivates me and I know that I can become better. It is important for me to indulge in these activities because it improves my competitiveness, and enhances my focus in academics as well,” quoted Ryan, a residential academy student.  

However, at the moment, we have advised Ryan and the boys to focus on writing their mid-term papers 🙂

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