Today’s story follows the journey of a young player whose passion for the game transformed into a steadfast dedication to fostering budding football talent in India. Meet Simar Preet Singh! Spearheading operations in Hyderabad, Simar serves as a Business Coach for Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools. 

Recalling his time before BBFS, Simar confesses, “I always wanted to pursue a career in sports”. And he did just that by pursuing sports management in Mumbai from 2019 to 2021. He initially worked at Hyderabad Net Play but faced unemployment due to COVID-19.

The transition to BBFS in December 2021 stemmed from a crucial choice between following his passion and a lucrative offer. But Simar was eventually swayed by the prospect of contributing to football’s growth.  Shyam, a former BBFS intern and Simar’s flatmate at the time, played a crucial role in persuading Simar to join. “It was the best decision I ever made”, he expresses.  His drive aligned with the organization’s need for someone dedicated to reviving operations, and Simar knew he was the man for the job. Giving us insight into his interview process, he reveals, “The persuasion by the team is what pushed me to take the job. Someone wanted me.”

Simar finds joy in BBFS’s focus on football and delights in witnessing kids playing and having an opportunity to contribute to Indian football’s development. His growth within BBFS has been significant, starting as an intern and progressing to roles like Centre Head. “I love that there are opportunities for continuous growth, learning and new experiences. And i’m grateful that the team believed in me”, Simar shares. He appreciates BBFS’s flexible work culture, its commitment to sustainability, and a steadfast focus on talent development over 13 years.

Simar confesses that he has grown from an introvert to a confident communicator through his role, learning market insights and self-development at BBFS. His leadership expanded BBFS’s presence in Hyderabad from 1 to 6 centers, increasing student enrollment from 30 to 259 kids.

Addresing colleague relationships, Simar expresses that he continues to share a professional yet friendly bond with his head at the time, Pradeep. Connecting with aspiring talents remains the highlight of his journey.

And for aspiring BBFS candidates, wondering if it’s the right fit for them, Simar offers a crucial tip: “If you love football and want to learn and improve yourself, join us!”

Simar takes pride in BBFS’s achievement of launching three advanced squads in Hyderabad, highlighting the organization’s commitment to nurturing talent. His tenure at BBFS signifies not only the organization’s growth but also his personal development journey.

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